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We offer a multitude of services, ranging from Technical Consultancy and Documentation Control, to Project and Financial Management.

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Osis technical team includes experienced naval architects, engineers and master mariners with many years experience of routine maintenance, unscheduled repairs, major refit and new build project planning and supervision. In addition to our continuous monitoring of the yachting industry, the new technologies and international organizations requirements, we are able to offer owners a variety of different solutions according to their needs.

Planned Maintenance is the basis of one well maintained Yacht. Osis offers Owners, Captains and Crew complete supervision services, including drawing up and verifying work lists, the negotiations with the various subcontractors and the yard quotations and contracts, as well as providing day-to-day supervision from start to the completion of all works. Osis Yachting continuously evaluates the Subcontractors and yacht’s suppliers and keeps within limits the agreed budget. Our aim is to maintain all equipment according to manufacturer’s guidelines keeping high the value of the Yacht and significantly reducing the chance of breakdowns.

Yacht’s systems and machinery often present problems and malfunctions that cannot be foreseen. In addition uncontrollable factors like the weather or an electric black out and human bad handlings like grounding or a collision will require immediate solutions and repairs. Osis Yachting provides 24/7 services and will be.

Osis provides the combination of the arrangements and the supervision of the Yacht’s annual or unscheduled dry-docking. According to yacht’s requirements, the schedule with the works to be done, the spare parts that will be used, the quotations from the subcontractors and the quotations of the shipyards will be handed to the Owners for their approval. Upon approval all the arrangements will take place and upon completion of the dry-docking, a detailed report will be issued.

When Owners decide to proceed with the Refit or Conversion of their Yacht, Osis Yachting, based on our considerable experience in the planning, execution and settlement of refit projects (including major conversion works and engine changes), provides a full conversion service which aims to achieve the best results with the lower cost and less time. We provide guidance on choosing the best facility for the conversion project, the best subcontractors and materials, including advice on the integrity of all quotations and time estimates. We work in conjunction with the design team and form a highly-qualified project management team to supervise the entire conversion process.

OSIS Yachting works with yacht owners, designers and shipyards to advise on all aspects of a new Project, a Conversion or a Refit. Our experience covers both motor and sailing yachts. At all stages we protect your vision and ensure that work is completed on time and within budget. Our support continues when the yacht is in service by advising Owners of all scheduled docking and maintenance periods and helping them to select the most appropriate yard and sub-contractors for the works.

Before buying a yacht, Owners often request an inspection in order to be informed about yacht’s condition. OSIS Yachting keeps an up-to-date with the global sale and purchase markets and will provide owners, independent valuations anywhere in the world and full technical assessments of yachts being under consideration. Upon completion of the inspections, a complete technical report will be handed to owners for review.

OSIS Yachting ensures that your yacht complies with all regulations in all parts of the world. Our technical team is well informed about Flag and Class rules and regulation assisting crew to maintain yachts within legislations and requirements. Our relationships with all relevant authorities are excellent and we keep crew informed of new regulations and flag state requirements.

When a claim issue arises, OSIS Yachting will assist Owners to negotiate with Insurance Company and achieve the best of it. We have excellent relationships with repair facilities, surveyors and service providers around the world, which enables us to reduce the costs and time spent on repairs to the yacht.

Most of the Accidents and mishaps that occur onboard are found to be the result of crew negligence and in extreme cases, ignorance. Our technical team works hard with Crew to maintain a safety culture and providing clear instructions and documentation on all the issues addressed by the ISM and the MCA with the sole aim of preventing accidents at sea.

One of Osis priorities is to organize all technical documentation on board and keep records for all issues, thus creating a good reference database of the yacht. Construction drawings, Shipyard’s Owner’s manuals and all machinery and systems manuals will be gathered and filed accordingly. Reports and evaluations from the subcontractors, the Classification, the flag and other third party organizations will be added to the Yacht’s historical database.

Osis Yachting can render the support needed for the acquisition and shipment of spare parts and new equipment / machinery according to Yacht’s needs. Our fine relationship with the yachting market and the major manufacturers ensures the accurate and in time purchase of any spare part and equipment.

Osis Yachting will assist the Owner and Captain in setting up an annual budget. As well as monthly and annual accounts we will show 'actual' vs. 'budget' costs every three months, keeping the Owner appraised of budget fluctuations.

Our accounting department functions not only as bookkeeper but also in collaboration with the Captain of the yacht, deals with everyday issues, checks prices, verifies delivery prior to payment and monitors the expenditures and the cash flow. In addition it covers all aspects of financial administration issues such as tax issues, crew payroll and contracts, budget management and maintaining a detailed client bank accounts filing.

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